Saint John The Theologian Mission Station
A Community Of The Orthodox Church in America
Fairfax Station, VA


Based on three sources of new guidance – the federal Center for Disease Control, the state of Virginia (effective midnight today--28 May), and Metropolitan Tikhon -- we are instituting the following new COVID-19 guidance for religious services and related activities:

  1. Temperatures will no longer be taken upon entry (this change was instituted for the most recent Vespers on 22 May).
  2. Individuals who have been fully vaccinated for two weeks or more will not be required to wear masks:  they may go unmasked or masked as they choose.  Proof of vaccination will not be required:  we will accept their word as good Christians.
  3. Those either not yet fully vaccinated or not vaccinated at all (ages 5 years and older) will need to continue to wear masks and maintain social distancing from others attending services (e.g., other singles, couples or family groups).
  4. For the foreseeable future, we will continue to abide by the current configuration in the chapel we are using for services, i.e., the pew-blocking rails will remain in place:  this configuration enforces a degree of social distancing for attendees as a whole; we will continue to use this configuration until our Catholic hosts authorize the removal of the pew guards.
  5. While there will no longer be the email routine involving “request to attend” and “approval to attend” services, we will continue to enforce a sign-in (in-person at the entrance) procedure for contact tracing purposes in the event notifications related to COVID become necessary.
  6. The parish council has not yet addressed the resumption of coffee hours.
  7. Services are not yet open to the public beyond our known community; should someone who has not attended previously wish to attend, please have him/her contact Deacon Matthew Prentice, the administrator in charge.  COVID waivers will remain in effect and will be required for new attendees (i.e., anyone who has not previously executed a COVID waiver or been covered by one executed by a parent/guardian).

The following link to the CDC website is provided for your information:

Please address any questions or concerns about these new guidelines to Deacon Matthew or another member of the parish council.

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