On October 16th, we celebrated our once-a-month Saturday Divine Liturgy. We were blessed to have Fr. Constantine White, a friend and great supporter of the mission station, lead the Divine Liturgy with the assistance of Dn. Matthew. Also assisting in the altar was Gabriel Woodill who served for the first time at a Divine Liturgy today. We were overjoyed to welcome friends from our sister mission in Alexandria, All Saints of America, as well as non-Orthodox visitors. At the conclusion of the liturgy, Fr. Constantine offered congratulations to Dn. Matthew who celebrates the ninth anniversary of his ordination to the diaconate this week. Before "Many Years" was intoned, Dn. Matthew noted that the mission station also celebrates its three-year anniversary this coming Wednesday. 

The chapel prepared for the Divine Liturgy
Fr. Constantine and Dn. Matthew reading the Entrance Prayers
Rdr. Alexander preparing Gabriel to serve for his first Divine Liturgy
The chalice, diskos, and prosphora laid out for the Liturgy of Preparation
The prosphora
The Little Entrance
The Little Entrance
Rdr. Alexander chanting the Epistle
Dn. Matthew proclaiming the Holy Gospel
At the conclusion of liturgy, Fr. Constantine intoned "Many Years" for both the mission station community and Dn. Matthew. This week, the mission station celebrates its third anniversary and Dn. Matthew the ninth anniversary of his ordination to the diaconate.